Friday, November 25, 2011


Dear Thomas, Melissa and TJ,

Please know that as I guest author this post, we are with you. We are near and we are far, although behind you; constantly praying for peace, comfort and healing. We are awed by your faith and blessed to be present on your journey.
A fund has been set up to honor Thomas as you focus on him, your greatest gift and leave the details of ordinary life in our hands.

To the "WeheartThomas" readership-
Please go to any Wells Fargo and ask to donate to the "Thomas Behm Donation Fund" [Melissa and TJ are the sole beneficiaries] to ease the distance between the cardiac ICU and home.
This was set up by a dear friend who happens to care for critically ill children while being a mother to two little girls. This is our gift to you.

All of us


  1. Praying we can be as big of a blessing to this family as they've been to us.

  2. Angie- wish i knew how to contact you... Went to WF today but wasn't successful finding the fund. Any ideas? Thanks.

  3. There have been several people unable to donate to the account. I am going to Wells Fargo Thursday morning to work on it. Hopefully, by the afternoon all of the kinks will be ironed out and it will be easy to donate. I will post on here when it is fixed. Thank you to all who have/will donate.