Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thomas has been stable today, and that is good news!
We had a good day. We had Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital. It was provided by the Cunningham family for all patients, family, and staff. Their child had congenital heart disease and surgeries here 15 years ago, and they were so grateful that they have been providing Thanksgiving dinner for the children's hospital ever since! We were able to meet other families and patients, and it was really special. It made us start to think what we could do to help others in similar situations in Savannah next year. It was definitely a blessing to us.
My Dad came up from Savannah for the day and got to see Thomas for the first time :)

I have so much to be thankful for this year
-Thomas- the miracle that he is, and the progress he is making
-Egleston, and the excellent medical care he is receiving
-TJ- my wonderful husband, he has been so sweet and so strong through this whole ordeal. He has put up with all of the hormones, tears, and makes milk runs down the hall every three hours during the night ;)
-We are eternally grateful for all of our friends and family, and the people we don't even know who are praying for Thomas
-We are thankful for God's provision during the past few weeks. He is the only reason the three of us have made it through all of this!
-We are thankful to know that even if the unthinkable happened to Thomas, we have the promise of all being together in heaven someday.

We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, and were able to spend time with family.
Our little family was content just to be together!


  1. Your thankfulness is humbling and an inspiration. We all are blessed by your faith as you share this difficult journey with us. Thank you, Thomas, Melissa, and TJ for the blessings you are to all of us! -Gayle

  2. Each time I have read your updates my heart has been touched and moved to pray. This is the first time I wept. Your strength and faith in God is remarkable, and I know that this is because God is providing that to you and your husband, as well as providing for Thomas and the medical team. You are such an inspiration.
    Thomas remains in my prayers and so do you.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the three of you!

    Cynthia (Cindy) Howard

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for so many blessings and thinking of you, TJ, and Thomas today. Big hugs.
    Love- The Goldsteins

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to the THREE of you! Many prayers! Love, the Stonesu

  5. Love and continued prayers for baby Thomas!
    Love, Coles, Angie and Rush

  6. Dear Melissa and TJ,
    I don't know what to say except for we are praying our little hearts out here in Greenville. We live post to post and are grateful for the updates. We love you all so very much! We are THANKFUL for your friendship and your faith. Love, The Kirbys

  7. I know how hard it is to have the proverbial rug yanked out from under you with a switch of teams/physicians. It is particularly trying when you were hearing such promising things from the other doctors. So frustrating. You guys do the best you can - sometimes that's resisting the urge to smack somebody in a white coat or refraining from uttering a few choice words when you're tired and worried! My family and I continue to pray for the three of you. I am thankful for Thomas' continued tenaciousness. Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Kathryn Hull.

    Happy Thanksg

  8. We had Thanksgiving Dinner over at Patrick and Julie's home. You all where part of us in our hearts and thoughts. We had a special prayer said by Patrick for you all. We continue to pray.
    Love Joe and Bernie

  9. God has put y'all in my thoughts so often this week. Couldn't sleep this morning, so was up @ 3 am & prayed for all three of you. I can't imagine your struggle. I am amazed at your faith & every post just humbles me. Jesus is shining right through you & I'm praying for just on soul on that medical team to meet Jesus through y'all. When you have weaker moments, just know the Spirit is interceding for you by causing others to lift you up in prayer. Trusting God that His plan for Thomas is perfect & that you can have perfect peace in that plan. Praying for that plan to be completed healing & that baby boy to home in Savannah with y'all for Christmas! Trusting in our faithful God,

    Tracy Hays

  10. We are so grateful that Thanksgiving Day was a day of continued healing. We pray that today will be an even better day for each of you. Take care, be strong and know you have our best wishes and are being uplifted many times each day in prayer......always our best...Aunt Mary, Uncle Ken, Sarah and Wilson