Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I finally got to go see Thomas around 10:30 this morning!   It all feels very surreal.....especially since I can't hold him and didn't get to see him initially except for few seconds.  Its also strange that I am in the NICU looking at our baby, not a patient!

He is continuing to be stable on room air, etc.  He isn't allowed to eat at this point and is getting nutrition through his IV.

We are so excited he is finally here! 
Here are a few pictures!
How can such a little peanut already have two chins? 


  1. He is so precious. Congrats you guys. Just beautiful.


  2. I am so thrilled for you! He is just too sweet. Can't stop smiling and looking at your pics. Thank you, Lord, for Thomas!

  3. He's beautiful! Congratulations. We keep praying for you guys. Love, the Bateses

  4. I can see the love shining in your faces for this beautiful little boy! ..... And to think, God loves little Thomas incomprehensibly more!! He has him in the palm of His hand.
    Congratulations, and so much love!!! God is with you, and our prayers & praises are, as well!
    The Huffman's

  5. Hey Melissa & TJ! I can relate to so much of what you are feeling, since the triplets were in NICU for a few days, too. And they were all wired up and tiny peanuts like him, too! He is gorgeous and is sleeping perfectly in the palm of God's hand. Your smiles reflect the ecstatic joy of new parents!! Continuing to pray always...

  6. Congratulations!!! He is so precious!!! We are continuing to keep you all in our prayers!!!
    Love, The Smith's
    Nate, Kim, Evan, and Kade

  7. I don't think there is any question who the baby daddy is ;) congratulations guys, he is just beautiful. Welcome to other side....c'mon in, the water's fine! Will be thinking of you over the next days and weeks.

  8. He is absolutely precious, must say he looks like TJ. We will be checking in regularly to watch his progress as he grows stronger, He is a cutie even though he looks like his dad. Love to all you guys.

  9. What a sweet little guy! We are praying for you all. Some of our good friends in our small group had a baby girl at Northside last year who had a coarctation and she had surgery at Eggleston and spent some time in the CICU. They were very pleased with their surgeon and experience there.

    They were not able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house since they live in town, but said that there are also little rooms at the hospital near the CICU where you can stay and recommended talking to the social worker you guys are assigned to if you need to work that out. Apparently, it is a lottery system each day, but their social worker was able to guarantee them a room each night.

    Let us know if you guys need anything at all, ok?

  10. He is absolutely precious!! You have a great loking family! Welcome Baby Thomas, ps Abi says Ma aww cute baby!!
    Love The Caldwells