Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Single most asked question......revealed!

What color is Thomas's hair?
It is a sandy blonde.....with a receding hairline like his father :)
Thomas wanted to do a major reveal, but his "style team" was unavailable (and he's not allowed to wear outfits yet!)

This is TJ. The  biggest thing I am learning to do here is live in 3 hour increments.  Thomas is less than 48 hours old but it seems like he has been with us much longer!  We have no concept of what day it is! Melissa is pumping every 3 hours and then I have to run it down to the freezer in the NICU. The elevators here are slower than rush hour traffic. I get back to the room and get her situated and then try and rest or eat, and then it's time to restart the process. 
Melissa can attest to the fact that I can fall asleep anytime or anywhere. I fell asleep standing up in the elevator at 3:30 am this morning, missed my floor and only realized it because some people got on talking loudly!
No news so far on our little guy......still just hanging out in the NICU.
Thanks for checking on us, and for all of the prayers!!!

TJ (& Mel & Thomas)


  1. Tj, that cracked me up. Mainly because Andy made a few 3am milk runs to the nicu for Brady in April and once he walked into the wrong hospital room, plopped down on a chair and passed out. My nurse found him there an hour later and brought him back to my room. The joys of fatherhood!

    Thomas has beautiful hair, by the way! What a handsome little rascal.

  2. Life with a newborn... The call night that never ends:-) Glad to hear there's milk for the freezer! Go Mommy!!