Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday morning

Thomas was stable overnight, and we are grateful for that! He is still a little acidotic, but the surgeon is hopeful for chest closure this afternoon. He will see how Thomas does today and make the final decision then. If they do close his chest, the OR team will come to the ICU and the procedure will be done at his bedside.

The intensivist on rounds thinks that they should push for chest closure even if it does compromise things from a ventilatory standpoint. He said it is not unusual for kids to end up on the oscillator (different type of ventilator) for a few days. This made me freak out, of course, but I appreciate the heads up that it may be necessary. Apparently it is used more routinely in this environment than I am used to.

The bloody urine is still present, but improved. Kidney function is not good, but improved slightly.

Here are today's prayer requests:
- that they will close Thomas's chest when he is ready
- pray for wisdom and steady hands for the surgeons doing the procedure
- pray that he will tolerate the procedure well, won't have any complications, and won't need the oscillator
- pray for kidney function to improve
- pray that he won't develop a chylothorax and that he will remain free from infection

Thank you!!

"I, the LORD, made you,
and I will not forget you. (Isaiah 44:21 NLT)


  1. PRAYING ALL DAY. Picturing you at his bedside with God's arms around you both.
    Karen Gates

  2. We were glad to learn that TJ made it safely home yesterday, and we are glad to hear this morning that Thomas had a stable night. We will pray for a safe closure as well as pray for healing and strength for all. Take care of yourself, Melissa. We can't wait to give you a big hug and can't wait to meet Thomas. Love Aunt Mary, Uncle Ken, Sarah and Wilson

  3. Will be praying specifically throughout the day and trusting in God's sustaining grace for you, Thomas, and TJ. Your faith inspires me to shine for Christ! {{HUGS}} Stephanie King

  4. Praying for no oscillator. Praying for you to know & sense God holding Thomas in the palm of His hand. Praying for wisdom & skill for the doctors. Praying for no infections.

    Tracy Hays

  5. Dr. Behm - we are all praying for your sweet Thomas. Below is a little something from Thomas to you, written by a fellow NICU parent. He feels your love, too. (with love, The Waldorfs - Mathis and Eliza)

    A Prayer from the N.I.C.U.
    by Tara Roper

    Dear God,
    I have a request to make.
    Just a moment of your time it will take.
    You see, my parents, are heartbroken and sad,
    and they have prayed to you with all they had.

    Could you just hug them and remind them you care,
    as they are wishing I was at home, not here.
    This time is confusing, unlike how they pictured it would be,
    But I want them to know that you take care of me.

    Although I am sleeping in this little bed,
    and I am often too tired to raise my little head,
    please remind them that I know they did their very best.
    And that at night I am protected as I sleep upon your chest.

    They think I am so lonely when they are away,
    and if I could tell them, I would say

    I know this is hard, and God understands,
    But just know He has never let go of my hand.
    He is always with me, like He is with you,
    and all this has a purpose too.

    And God, while I am in this temporary N.I.C.U. home,
    I just want them to know I have never been alone.

  6. Wow, how sweet the comment above. Melissa and TJ just let you know once again, that our prayers are with you every hour of the day.
    Love and hugs
    Joe and Bernie

  7. Tara Roper's prayer says it all. It is beautiful and so very true.

    Thomas, you, and his daddy continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, as well as the wonderful medical team.

    Cynthia (Cindy) Howard

  8. Cannot read a post without crying and then I read that poem, oh, the image of Thomas resting on God's chest..well, that was just too much. But, that is what I am praying for you all. To feel the arms of Jesus holding you all tight. To know how much you are all loved and prayed for. Thanks again for the specific prayer requests. Makes me feel that I am doing something. Loving you all. -The Kirbys

  9. The Thomas family in Savannah is praying for you! Abigail and Harley are sending healthy thoughts your way and I remember you first met my little guy in the Peds ward at MMC - nothing like going through what you are going through, but I am glad you have an outlet with your blog and do not be afraid to ask for help for yourself - when you go into mom mode it can be so easy to push aside your own needs, mental, emotional and physical, but Thomas needs you to be in good shape and I'm so glad you have support.

  10. Keeping lots of prayers coming your way. A 7 day vigil candle was lit for Thomas yesterday at St. Paul's Greek Orthodox and will burn continuously for him. Stay strong and know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers often.
    The Lambros Family (Heather, Nick, Luke, Sophia and Landon)

  11. I wish you all the best and hoping that Thomas does well with his chest closure. I have my friends in Atlanta looking out for y'all!